I am Colleen Paul, Hailing from the unceded beautiful Newfoundland inland territory of her Ancestors, Badger, NL. When I first came to the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities project, I wanted to help make a positive change within myself and in my community, I had a dream to do bigger things. My intuition and protective instincts led me to want to serve my community & culture in an influential way, and gave me the drive and determination that brought me here, where I am now serving as a member of the board and a peer facilitator. Even through my days are more than full working fulltime at Newfoundland’s largest First Nation, I always make the time to host workshops focused on Mental Health and Violence against Women and Self -Compassion. Whether it’s carrying the traditions and languages of my ancestors or working with Indigenous youth, my passion lays with connecting the present with the living past.